Make your nails sparkle and shine by one of Lawton, OK’s top professionals; stop by Shirley’s Nails today!


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Both men and women get manicures, although women often get them more and normally with more color. Whether you are male or female, at Shirley’s Nails our nail spa will give you the best manicure you’ve ever had.

If you're looking for elegance, you might like to take a look at how well we do our French manicures or solid pastel color manicures. Perhaps you want to add a little spring in your step and color to your life. Why not try our amazing pattern manicures or bright summer colors? You're sure to get noticed with our amazing designs and polish.

What about taking away that unwanted extra skin near your cuticles and getting your nails back to a healthy state? Whether you just want your nails to be trimmed to perfection, or you're looking for some pizzazz, you will be sure to walk out of Shirley’s Nails happy with your manicure.

Our nail salon does all our manicures with delicate attention to detail, to avoid causing pain to our customers. We will give your hands a light massage and help you to relax as you are being beautified. Regulars in Lawton, OK know that they will receive great service with us and continue to choose us again and again whenever they need manicures.

Manicures are just a part of helping you to feel gorgeous. It’s just a small thing, but it’s amazing what a little attention to your hands can do for your confidence. A manicure could be what is missing to lift your spirits or add that bit of extra poise to your walk. Head to Shirley’s Nails today and remember what it feels like to have your hands manicured!