Make your nails sparkle and shine by one of Lawton, OK’s top professionals; stop by Shirley’s Nails today!


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The sun is shining, the water is fresh and you want to get out there and do as many water activities and sports as you can. But hold on a second - that means wearing a bikini 24/7. Shaving again and again is no fun, but you know that you don’t want hair to be a bother.

At Shirley’s Nails we have the solution. You can remove your unwanted hair and be hairless for longer than just a few days with our excellent waxing. So if you want a hairless bikini line, legs and underarms, you’ll love a visit to Shirley’s Nails. Or if you're a man and don’t like walking around with chest hair, a visit to Shirley’s Nails might do you some good.

It could be that you have to deal with facial hair. Mustaches and peach fuzz aren’t uncommon for many ladies, but neither are they a lot of fun. Facial hair doesn’t have to get you down, because at Shirley’s Nails we do a great job of mustache and eyebrow waxing. You deserve to look beautiful and we're the people who can help you feel confident that you are.

Shirley’s Nails will help you get ready for any major event with just one quick visit. You can get your pedicure, manicure and body waxing done within just a couple of hours and at the same place. We make it easy for you.

We do any kind of waxing you need. Schedule an appointment with us and trim your bushy eyebrows with our eyebrow waxing. Take away your bikini hairline with our bikini waxing. Make your legs look smooth and lovely with our leg waxing. Your body can look hair-free today in Lawton, OK!